Bandwidth Monitor


Our free network bandwidth meter for Windows. Enjoy most of the features found in the professional edition at absolutely no cost.

  • Theme Designer
  • Customizable Elements
  • Real-Time Data Library
  • Display/Eye-Candy Options
  • Bandwidth Logging
  • Low Resource Usage

$You Decide

The full release of Bandwidth Monitor 2. This version includes more advanced logging features, the ability to display and manipulate graphs, live data feeds and more!

  • Everything from the Free version
  • Programmable Notifications
  • Web Output Tools
  • Enhanced Log Tools
  • Click-Through Mode
  • My eternal appreciation :-)

Ideal Desktop Solution

Especially designed to take advantage of the asthetic features brought with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Bandwidth Monitor 2 is fully customizable to suit your desktop.

Add elements from selections of Graphs, Custom Images, Text Areas, and Shapes. Customize these elements to display only the data you want them to display.

Minimalistic to Extended, Bandwidth Monitor 2 can satisfy everyone's needs and requirements.

Stay In The Know

Programmable notifications make it easy to keep an eye on your network connections.

Define Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 balloon messages for bandwidth events which require your attention.

Real-time web and data output make it simple for third party developers to extend on Bandwidth Monitor's rich metering features.

Bandwidth Monitor 2 is the ultimate network data meter software for your Windows environment

An Administrator's Dream

Easy to use and easy to install

Quick to configure and customize

Accurate and dependable, tailor your monitor's data collecting preference

Attractive and resource un-intensive, the perfect desktop meter

The ultimate network and internet monitor